The Founding Story

Dec My Room…Is all about “Creating A Healing Place”

IMG_1296Volunteers shop and then decorate a room, with knowledge of the likes and interest of each individual patient. The goal is to change a dull hospital room into a cozier, more personalized hospital room that is filled with things that the patient will find comforting during their stay. This unique and innovative charity was founded by Susan Plank and her daughter Kendall in August 2007.

It began at Texas Children’s Hospital, when Susan and Kendall were asked to visit a young family friend from Austin, who was scheduled to be admitted into the hospital for a bone marrow transplant. This meant that he would be in the hospital at least 3 weeks or more, away from his family and friends. Susan and Kendall decided that they wanted to do something to make his stay more comfortable. They called their family and asked them to please find out what his likes and interest were, and then they proceeded to Target to do some shopping. Just before he arrived at the hospital, the two of them Dec’ed his room with everything that had the University of Texas logo on it and more. (This did cause a little controversy at home because Mike Plank is an Aggie grad from Texas A&M University, rivals to UT.) The young man and his mother were very surprised when they entered the room for the first time and quickly asked the nurse who did this. The nurse brought Susan and Kendall in to meet the young man who showed them how thankful he was by giving them both a big hug with tears in his eyes.

As Susan and Kendall were leaving the hospital, Kendall told her mom how great it would be if they could decorate rooms for all of the children in the hospital. Susan replied, yes it would…. and that is how Dec My Room began!