Room to Grow 2019

Posted : 04/17/2019

On Wednesday, April 17, Room To Grow Luncheon Co-Chairs Kristi Bare admitted that the night before she had had second thoughts about moving the Dec My Room fundraiser the next day. Originally scheduled at NorthPark’s Neiman Marcus Courtyard, they had heeded weather warnings and moved it indoor to the Center’s South Court.

Now, as guests like Barbara DasekeJennie MooreDawn GreinerTracy LangeLaura SingerAndrea NayfaLisa ShirleyJoanna ClarkePaige McDanielAllison WithersCassie FullerLisa OgleMegan WilliamsonJonika NixKaty BockCandace Winslow and the Cooley gals (LisaCiara and Bela) arrived with reports of rain, Kristi and her Co-Chair Nancy Gopez were delighted. Not only was the move into the dry, protected court a smart one, but it looked rather fabulous with the Five Hammering Man working away among the 25 white- and lavender-clothed tables.

Everything was in place. Parigi’s Janice Provost had salads ready to enjoy. Neiman’s Bianca Cole had the fashions ready to preview. NorthPark’s Kristen Gibbins looked over the court, impressed with the results. According to Kristen, it was the first time that they had had a seated meal in the South Court.

And to add a cherry on top of the move indoors, guests arrived via the hallway filled with the Faux Real exhibition curated by Annette Becker featuring creations by such designers as Hanae Mori, Zandra Rhodes, Christopher Kane and Stella McCartney. It was like having the Kilgore Rangerettes welcome Cattle Baron’s guests.

Mary Humphreys Parker heard that Southwest and American airlines were looking for place to stow their aircraft with the prediction of baseball-size hail approaching.

Klyde Warren Park’s Kit Sawers was relieved that she had already  pulled the plug on an announcement party for Park and Palate due to the weather woes.

The Nancys (Nancy Gopez and NorthPark First Lady Nancy Nasher) were commiserating over their recoveries from hip surgeries.

Kim Hext was thrilled over son Preston Hext’s June graduation at SMU. But Preston wasn’t leaving SMU. He’d signed on for four more years to pursue graduate work.

In the far end of the court, NorthPark Luxury Ambassador Kimberly Schlegel Whitman was comparing notes with KXAS Anchor/Luncheon Emcee Meredith Land about the luncheon program, which had them commenting about fashions presented by Neiman Marcus NorthPark.

While many guests were concerned about the weather, Bennett Williams and his folks Kirsa and Keith Williams didn’t seem to be bothered one iota. Bennett had been one of the recipients of the Dec My Room program that personalizes rooms for young patients who have prolonged stays in hospitals.